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Stormwater runoff originates from a mixture of sources such as heavy rain and irrigation, and consists of dirt, fertilizer, oil, trash, bacteria, metals, and chemicals. These mixtures of contaminates eventually evolve into waste streams of highly toxic pollution. These waste streams are hazardous to the health and safety of the public and also find their way to the ocean, dramatically affecting marine life.


One way to reduce the danger of stormwater runoff is through education and awareness to your local city ordinance – “Stormwater and Urban Runoff” to Title 6 “Public Works”. Typically storm drains are used to draw off as much stormwater runoff from streets In addition, the smart use of landscaping and plant positioning can absorb stormwater before it even hits the streets. Those using water in conjunction with chemicals or in other industrial applications are required to reclaim and/or recapture the waste they produce by city mandate and properly dispose of contaminated liquid waste through a local hazardous waste collection facility.

Green Clean Water & Waste provides stormwater removal services in compliance with California state and municipal law. We will help you create a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) and assist in the identification and mediation of all possible sources of stormwater pollution on your site.

Green Clean Water & Waste provides removal services of liquid and solid waste of stormwater and drilling waste in compliance with California state and municipal law.  From Analytical testing and waste profiling to TSDF placement and disposal, we can handle your waste projects from start to finish.


Green Clean Water & Waste Services provides its services in Southern California – San Diego (SD), Orange (OC), and Los Angeles (LA) counties and surrounding areas.