Our Vision

Declining water quality has become a global issue as human populations grow. Industrialization of infrastructure and agricultural expansion, accompanied by climate change, is threatening to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle on a global scale. The most prevalent problem is our water. Numerous sources of water pollution substantially impair the beneficial uses of water and are directly impacted by an array of pollutants. These pollutants range from personal care products to pharmaceuticals to agricultural runoff, to industrial effluents such as hydrocarbons in gas and motor oil spills and illegal dumping into our aquatic and storm water ecosystems.

Our company’s mission is to combat the issues affecting our oceans, bays, and waterways by being the leading provider of environmentally friendly services, solutions and eco-friendly products to protect both public health and the environment. Green Clean strives to offer innovative and cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management solutions.

Our emphasis is on environmental health and safety balanced with the well-being of the communities and clients we serve. Water pollution is the by-product of a large majority of industrial processes. We believe it is crucial to prevent this water waste contamination from reaching our community’s water supplies, beaches, bays, waterways, and protecting the marine life and our oceans.