Low Price vs Cost Value: Understand the Difference to Prevent Exposing you to a HUGE Liability.


We all understand the bottom line in our industry and that price is the driving factor behind whether or not we can be competitive enough to win a bid or be chosen as the preferred contractor. – This is why we believe it is important to educate our clients and explain the process when dealing with Hazardous or Non Hazardous waste streams, liquids or solid materials. There are costs directly connected to doing things in a safe and compliant way.

Green Clean provides cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly options that are ethical because it is a part of our company’s DNA. Our core values include always operating in a professionally complaint and above board way.

There is a process with taking samples consisting of lab profiling and other due diligence practices complied in building a “chain of custody records” accompanied by proper manifesting “cradle to grave”. – If your contractor cannot provide you with information, we advise you to stay clear.


Instances occur within the industry where the lowest price can cost you BIG, and cause HUGE liability exposure to criminal charges and civil penalties. When trying to determine what your best option would be in choosing a waste removal company, be sure to consider value instead of merely pricing alone.

Proper management of waste removal services is unfortunately not as simple as owning a piece of equipment and hauling it off. There are intangible costs in handling waste properly due to the high level of rules and regulations associated with RCRA, Subtitle C requirements and the associated regulations from the DTSC via the U.S. EPA. Waste removal, whether hazardous or non-toxic waste, if it weren’t regulated, then it wouldn’t be deemed Hazardous Waste (and very much could be harmful).


Dishonest disposal is not good for anyone; it is unprofessional and unethical to be a part of this type of practice. Illegal discharge practices or improper and mishandling or dumping of waste is also socially irresponsible. Practices like these pollute our environment and puts the public at risk. It is one of the major causes of contaminated waterways, bays, and beaches where families and children play.

Green Clean believes in protecting our oceans and waterways while pledging to the cause of protecting our environment and never even attempt to cut corners to save money.


At Green Clean Water and Waste, we believe in the ethical and proper removal, treatment, storage, and disposal of your waste materials. We understand that in order to follow the state and federal guidelines, it often requires prices to be at a higher cost to our clients, but we also can assure our clients that they can have confidence and assurance in our services we provide. We offer the quality, safe, and complaint services through providing value and a security of a job well done.

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