What to Expect of El Nino in CA

What to Expect of El Nino in CA

close up of a drainage sewer at sunset

According to Weather.com, the Golden State is expected to have a wetter than normal winter, which would seem to be a welcome respite from the long drought!.. And, in some aspects, California can expect the winter to cause some relief, however, El Nino actually could create more problems rather than solve other ones.


“‘Flooding is the costliest and deadliest natural disaster in this country year-after-year,’ said James Featherstone with the city emergency management department.”

“It’s the drought that’s causing some of the worries, as the parched ground can act like asphalt when heavy rain falls, the L.A. Times also said. If there is little moisture in the soil, it can harden and won’t be as capable of absorbing the rainfall, and this is what led to some of the problems seen in Southern California just days ago during a large mudslide.” (Weather.com)

Because the drought has been so long and severe, El Nino would be a dramatic shift to getting lots of rain that could instead create flooding and a damage. The ground is not currently able to absorb the water and instead may cause mudslides and other major damages

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