4 Simple Ways to Prepare for El Nino

4 Simple Ways to Prepare for El Nino
What should we expect from El Nino?

There are a few nicknames that continue to get thrown around for the upcoming El Nino, some include,
“Godzilla El Nino”
“The Great Wet Hope”
“The Drought Buster” and “XXL El Nino.”
While some of the names are amusing, there is a very real possibility that this El Nino will rival that of 1997-98, and even compare to 1982-83 El Nino, which caused $2.4 billion in economic losses across the state of California!

Sandbags on floodwater to stop the water who comes in. picture with short focus.

NBC San Diego has said, “Past El Ninos have left millions of dollars in economic losses and have had a widespread physical impact on San Diego County, NUSIPR found… Across the county, approximately 55,000 residents live in areas susceptible to flooding and approximately 5,000 businesses are located in areas more susceptible to flooding, NUSIPR found by using GIS software.”

So, at Green Clean Water and Waste, we have created a simple list to help your company, municipality or organization take preventative measures in preparing for El Nino.
  1. Check trees.

Hire a professional company to check your trees. Ensure dead branches are removed, and any sick or dying trees are taken care of to prevent damages, debris and additional flooding problems later.

  1. Aerate soil.

“Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots… The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction.”

Or, a more dramatic approach is to loosen compacted soil by tilling rather than simply aerating. “Ground that has been allowed to dry out will repel water initially. Tilling in compost and covering with mulch will enable the ground to better absorb rain.”

(Learn more about it here or here)

  1. Store supplies.

“Store emergency repair materials (sandbags, heavy plastic sheeting) in a safe dry place.”

The County of San Diego is offering free sandbags to residents and business in the unincorporated area, available for pickup at these locations. Sandbags are also available at retail vendors.

LA Department of Public Works has created helpful instructions for where and how to use sandbags, and have also created a map for where to get free sandbags.

If you are in Orange County, you can find sandbags here.

It is important to be ready before the rain starts!

  1. Find a water and waste management service.

Green Clean Water and Waste offers a wide array of services that can help you prevent major damages and long-term problems due to El Nino this winter.

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